The world seems to be falling apart around us. I try not to look at the news but do not want to bubble myself in my very content life. Last night I had a dream involving standard roadside car checks for bombs. I woke up feeling fight or flight in my body and wondered, "Is this where we are heading?!" How do we cope with this? It can feel overwhelming. But I do believe this is a wake-up call to complacency. I know I had become a bit complacent practicing my meditation and yoga and not really thinking about the injustices still going on around me. Well, I am awake now. And yet, beyond signing every petition that crosses my email feed and making monetary donations, I still feel I do not have enough time in my day to make a difference. This is where I call in my compassion practice. Everyone is craving connection and to be seen. When we leave our home and go out into the day, we can connect. Whether it be in the line at the bank, post office or at the checkout line with the salesperson, take the time to let that person know that you see them. Offer a smile, because that will have an impact on their day and it can have a rippling effect to others that they may connect with. Through our busy-ness , we still have to find moments in our day to pause, breathe , connect, and say ,"I see you". Kindness and compassion are the beginning of the road back home.